BBC Unveils Full Slate of DOCTOR WHO Tributes

DayDoctor1One thing the BBC cannot be accused of is skimping on programming paying tribute to its most successful series, the 50th anniversary of DOCTOR WHO.

Auntie Beeb is planning tribute shows across all its channels, on TV and radio. It really is pulling out all the stops to celebrate the series, doing everything it can — short of producing lots of new episodes of the program itself — to make Nov. 13, 2013, a day to remember. To make it The Day of the Doctor!
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DOCTOR WHO 50th Anniversary Special Has a Name!

DayDoctor1At long last, the BBC have confirmed the official title of the DOCTOR WHO 50th Anniversary special — and about time, too, since it’s slated to air around the globe on Nov. 23 — and it is: “The Day of the Doctor.”

I think it’s a terrific name (and I’ll bet show-runner Steven Moffat came up with it). Interestingly, a DVD of the special will be released on Dec. 2 — at least through the BBC. I just checked and, as of right now, has no listing for it.

No word on any storyline, of course, but we do already know that it will pit the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith), the 10th Doctor (David Tennant) and the Hurt Doctor (John Hurt) against the Daleks and the Zygons in London.

If nothing else, it will be easier to type “The Day of the Doctor” than “the DOCTOR WHO 50th Anniversary Special.”

ETA: An amazing poster has been released to illustrate the episode!!

DOCTOR WHO Series Eight to Make Us Wait

capaldiFans of DOCTOR WHO, get ready to cool your heels for months waiting for the inaugural adventure of Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor — a lot of months.

I cannot speak to how reliable The Guardian is in these matters, but according to the UK newspaper, series eight will not hit our screens until fall 2014:

“It will not return next year until the autumn, giving it plenty of time to recharge batteries. And what better way to do that than with a new Doctor?”

On the one hand, this doesn’t faze me much because waiting until fall for a new season is par for the course here in the USA, and considering we get the Christmas Special on… well, er, Christmas Day, a nine-month wait isn’t that awful.

On the other hand, it is an awfully long time after series seven. “The Name of the Doctor” wrapped things up back on May 18, and now this fall we’re only getting the 50th Anniversary Special, the docu-film AN ADVENTURE IN TIME AND SPACE and the Xmas episode. So that’s a very long time to go with minimal programming, no matter how high the quality.

Is This a Photo of Three Doctors?

doctors3Can this be an authentic photo from the DOCTOR WHO 50th anniversary story depicting the 10th and 11th Doctors with the John Hurt Doctor? (Is John Hurt really and truly a proper Doctor?) This is purported to be a snapshot taken by a fan when a scene from the anniversary special was shown earlier this week at the MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival. Is this Matt Smith, David Tennant and Hurt all as the Doctor?

According to Heat magazine, the alleged dialogue that reportedly goes with this alleged scene is said to be:

Hurt: “I’m looking for the Doctor.”

Tennant: “Well, you’ve come to the right place.”

I don’t know what to believe about this. On the one hand, the crappy quality makes one believe this could be legit; on the other hand, the crappy quality makes it easy to fake. Anyone with more than 10 minutes of training with Photoshop can combine images. And Instagram can make a clear photo look just as horrible as this. So I’m not taking a stand on authenticity. If it’s real, fine; if not, who cares? (It’s a pretty dull image anyway.)

Rumors of “The 11 Doctors” Resurface Again…

11doctorsartYes, this is one bit of fan service that just refuses to die — no doubt because DOCTOR WHO fans want it so very badly. The new twist on the same old rumor is that show-runner Steven Moffat — who is writing the anniversary episode as we speak — has fanned the flames with a cryptic remark of his own.

At a BBC Drama Commissions event last week, Moffat said:

“Getting the other Doctors involved would be very fitting for the anniversary episode wouldn’t it?”

YES, it would be very fitting, and it would be very possible to pull off — with the right script and the right approach to coaxing former actors back into their costumes.
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