What If Dredd 2 Got a Greenlight?

Well, probably hell will have frozen over by then, considering that Dredd 3D was sadly DOA at the American box office. But if — IF — screenwriter Alex Garland got the go-ahead for a sequel, where would he take the film series?

Back to the comics, of course!

Garland told the 2000AD forum:

“It would be about origins and subversion, and Chopper would feature. In fact, I think Chopper would start and end the story. Apart from him, my rough plan involves Fargo, Giant, Angel Gang, and a version of Satanus. For a trilogy, add Cal and the Dark Judges. And Anderson would be in all three. But… just to be clear, this is hugely speculative and also unlikely, for any number of reasons. [I would] not play [the Dark Judges] for laughs… just make them totally malevolent and lethal… use practical effects where possible.”

It’s a damn shame that American audiences didn’t turn out in droves for this smart, fun film, because it seems like everyone who saw it, really enjoyed it (me included).

Behind the Scenes With Judge Dredd

This is shaping up to be a big week for Dredd, the forthcoming adaptation of legendary British comic strip Judge Dredd, from the long-running weekly anthology 2000 AD. We have new behind-the-scenes photos from the set, and we’ve been told to expect the first trailer Thursday. (It’s likely to be just a teaser, but I’ll take it.)

Today’s offerings show Karl Urban as Judge Dredd and Olivia Thirlby as Judge Anderson shooting a couple of scenes. That could be Deobia Oparei, who plays Judge Alvarez, next to Anderson, but I’m not sure. We can’t really tell what’s going on, but the uniforms look cool.
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