HELLCATS 1.1: A World Full of Strangers

For a world full of strangers, there was an awful lot about HELLCATS that was familiar. It would be easy to compare The CW’s new cheerleader drama to ABC Family’s MAKE IT OR BREAK IT — so I will. Provided I can also point out the similarities to Fox’s GLEE.

HELLCATS follows Marti Perkins (Alyson Michalka, of the pop group 78violet) a hard-working law student on scholarship at Lancer University who is so poor that she has to ride her bike everywhere (What, you thought she was just being green?) Marti’s opening narration tells us that she depends her scholarship for tuition and housing, so when it is canceled (for reasons that were never quite clear to me) she’s in a bad way. Directed by the campus to look into “unconventional scholarships” from “odd little groups,” Marti discovers that a cheerleading scholarship is available — and the Lancers coincidentally just lost Alice (Heather Hemmens), one of their flyers.
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