First ‘Stargate: Origins’ Footage Teases Series Story

After twice tweaking fans with behind-the-scenes footage, Stargate Command has finally released a teaser trailer that hints at what will happen in the series when it premieres on Feb. 15, 2018.

While it is difficult to piece together what might happen, we do see Catherine Langford (Ellie Gall) in the clutches of Nazi Germany’s dreaded SS; lots of guns and running; constellations (stargate addresses?), notably Orion, scrawled in a notebook; Egyptian-style architecture — and a stargate chevron locking on the symbol for Earth.

While all this could hint at a trip to the familiar desert planet Abydos, it seems more likely to me that the story is limited to Giza and environs as Catherine and her father, Professor Langford (Connor Trineer), Beal (Philp Alexander) and Wasif (Shvan Aladdin) struggle to keep the ancient technology out of Nazi hands. Perhaps the gate is only activated at the very end as a tease?

At least we know the premiere of the online-only series is near! The first two episodes (running about 10 minutes each) will be free to stream. while the remaining eight installments will be exclusive to Stargate Command members.

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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