‘Stargate: Origins’ Wraps Production

Production has wrapped on Stargate: Origins, the 10-episode web-only series that will serve as a prequel to the 1994 movie, the three live-action TV series, two direct-to-video movies and several comic book series. (We do not speak of the non-canon, short-lived animated series. Or the five non-canon novels.)

The new show focuses on Catherine Langford (Ellie Gall), whose father, Professor Langford (Connor Trineer, STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE; STARGATE: ATLANTIS) uncovers the stargate in Egypt in 1928. However, no one understands what it is. Presumably this series will explain how Catherine gets the idea that the giant metal ring is supposed to do something.

Because Catherine and company have no idea how to work the gate — and they lack the DHD (Dial Home Device) to operate it anyway — the only way to have any adventures through the stargate is if it is activated from the other side. In other words, get ready for at least one “unscheduled off-world activation” and an “incoming wormhole.” — but not in those words. Although Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen theorized “bridges” through space-time in 1935, the term “wormhole” was not coined until 1957 (by physicist John Wheeler).

According to Stargate lore, the gate is inactive until 1994, when Egyptologist Daniel Jackson (played by James Spader in the movie) figures out how to operate it.

In the clip, we can see Catherine wearing the Eye of Horus necklace that was given to her when the gate was uncovered, and doubtless that will play a role in whatever adventure the gang gets up to on the planet Abydos. Which is almost certainly where they go, since that world is a vast desert and the natives dress exactly like the character apparently played by Tonatiuh Elizarraraz. And Abydos was the first planet visited in the movie.

Each episode of SO will run roughly 10 minutes, and the series is expected to bow on the Stargate Command streaming service sometime in early 2018.

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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