After Clara Departs DOCTOR WHO, She Will ‘Never Return’!


When Jenna Coleman departs DOCTOR WHO — possibly (probably) this week! — Clara will “never return,” according to executive producer and Clara’s creator, Steven Moffat.

“Clara is gone and will never return. I will not reveal any forecast about her fate. I can only say that what will happen will shock, terrify and surprise you. Strictly in that order.”

Fans have known Clara is leaving the TARDIS for months now, but not when. The show is running out of options, since the penultimate episode, “Heaven Sent,” is a Doctor solo story, and the Christmas special will see the 12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi) finally meet River Song (Alex Kingston).

That leaves this week’s “Face the Raven” or the season finale, “Hell Bent,” to see off the Impossible Girl.


4 thoughts on “After Clara Departs DOCTOR WHO, She Will ‘Never Return’!

      1. It is tough to see any companion leave after we’ve gotten to know them. (I even felt bad for Adric, back in the day.) Rose and Amy have been the toughest departures for me…


    1. I will be very sorry to see the Impossible Girl leave the TARDIS. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Jenna in the beginning, but I have come ’round, since she’s cone so far.


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