Who Will Follow Moffat as Showrunner, When the Time Comes?

moffatgodWhen the time comes for Steven Moffat to step down as lead writer, executive producer and show runner, will the moment be prepared for?

Well, that depends on how you interpret what Steven Moffat has had to say on the topic.

At this year’s Edinburgh International Television Festival, Moffat was asked if he was “grooming somebody else to take over” in the future.

Moffat replied: “Am I grooming people? I didn’t expect it to go so dark.”

Then he was asked: “Are you just making sure everyone else is a little bit shit so you look good?”

Moffat said:

“That went from grooming people to deliberately sabotaging them. I can confirm that I’m doing neither of those. When the time comes, it will all be taken care of, it’ll all be marvelous. But no, part of my job is not about grooming people or deliberately sabotaging them: ‘Right, I’m going to change all the spelling in this script; they’ll never give him a job now!’ I do that sometimes.”

When Daily Record asked if he was feeling his time was near, Moffat answered: “If it were difficult to come up with ideas for DOCTOR WHO, it’s time to stop doing it. You have the whole universe to blow up, so I’ve not run out yet.”

Toby Whithouse — creator of BEING HUMAN and writer of several episodes of WHO — recently confirmed that there had been no talks “on any official level” about him taking over as DOCTOR WHO show runner. And Moffat is already contracted to return for Season 10,

So let’s not get ahead of ourselves; season nine begins on Saturday, Sept. 19, on BBC America.

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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