DC Screws Up Costume Changes — Again…

DC Comics simply cannot leave bad enough alone. The Powers That Be are simply compelled to keep making things worse.

Now, in a mind-boggling move, Superman has been given back the silly T-shirt and jeans he was forced to wear when the failed  “New 52” started, and Wonder Woman has… well, it’s hard to tell what’s new with her latest get-up, since her look has been changing so much lately. Let’s just settle for saying it’s as bad as the first time they put pants on her.

Not as bad as Superman’s crappy duds, but still.

And let’s not even start on the Man of Steel’s haircut.

The only solace for fans of the Man of Tomorrow: This, too, is only temporary. DC has too much money tied in licensing of Superman’s classic look to stick with this crap for long.

This “new look” stuff starts in Action Comics #41, with Aaron Kuder‘s cover depicting Clark wearing his 2012 throwback outfit.

Paulo Siqueira‘s cover for Superman/Wonder Woman #18 heralds the Amazon’s fashion update.

One thought on “DC Screws Up Costume Changes — Again…

  1. boy I just dont get it why reboot a reboot I for the most part though the new 52 was solid but some of the stuff I didnt like and now the things coming out bc of this most recent giant event I think are just stupid. How am I supposed to open a comic and cosplay shop when the material is doing such stupid things?
    great views by the way


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