CONSTANTINE’s Next Stop Could Be on Syfy

constantinemoveWith CONSTANTINE’s 13-episode first season wrapping up tonight — Friday the 13th… what could be sinister about that? —  thoughts naturally are turning to next season, and since NBC has not announced a decision about renewal, will there even be a second season for the DC Comics-based series?

When NBC decided not to shut down production rather than give CONSTANTINE a “back 9” renewal for a whole season, it was not exactly a vote of confidence. And when NBC recently announced a bunch of renewals, CONSTANTINE was nowhere to be seen.

However, according to CineLinx, the series may have more options for continued life than originally thought: NBC is apparently mulling moving CONSTANTINE to its Syfy sister network and renaming it HELLBLAZER (just like the comic book). Along with the move (and name change) would come lesser expectations — shows don’t need blockbuster ratings to survive on basic cable — and greater creative freedom.

Word is CONSTANTINE could downplay the procedural structure that was grafted onto the show to make more palatable to mainstream audiences and play up the weird supernatural and horror elements that work in the comic book. This would allow the series to focus on appealing to its core audience and building fan rapport — the one area that network brass are said to be impressed by is CONSTANTINE’s thriving social media presence. When production was halted, the flood of #SaveConstantine Tweets did not go unnoticed.

Constantine - Season PilotA recent CONSTANTINE rerun marathon did well on Syfy, and ratings that make the creepy series a bubble show on broadcast TV would look a lot better on cable. And Syfy could certainly use a new signature series.

Nothing is confirmed, of course, and there still would be contractual issues with switching networks, but the possibility seems to exist, and that is certainly hopeful for Matt Ryan and the rest of the cast.

Then again, there’s always Netflix. Or Amazon Originals. Or…?

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