Is the Joker Really Bound for GOTHAM?

nojokerI knew it. I knew the producers of Fox’s GOTHAM would not be able to resist plundering the Batman mythos for villains years before the Dark Knight himself appears in on the scene.

I was afraid something like this would happen.

The teaser for the next episode indicates Gotham City’s next villain is “no joke” — then not-so-subtly cuts to an image of a man laughing maniacally. Make. It. Stop.

The actor is Cameron Monaghan (SHAMELESS, The Giver), 21, and the character’s name is “Jerome.”

The series — which seems to be falling all over itself to introduce as many Batman tropes as possible — has already introduced the once and future Penguin, Catwoman, Riddler and Poison Ivy, so why not the Clown Prince of Crime?

I’ll tell you why not: Because his origin is inextricably tied to Batman. In the comics, the man who would be Joker dons a red hood and battles the Bat in a factory, where he falls into a vat of chemicals and emerges with his chalky pallor and rictus smile. (I am deliberately ignoring this month’s retcon of the Joker’s origin — I consider his entire spiel to be a lie.) No Batman, no Joker.

I don’t believe even GOTHAM would rework the classic origin to have, say, Jim Gordon be the one who dunks the Joker. But I can totally see them using and abusing his Red Hood identity.

And, mark my words once again: If executive producer Bruno Heller doesn’t have young Bruce Wayne dressing up in a black costume to fight crime as a pre-Batman figure (along the lines of SMALLVILLE’s “Blur”) by the end of this season, it will definitely happen before the end of the second year. And that’s just terrible.

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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