INTRUDERS 1.05: “The Shepherds and the Fox”

sheps01Finally, the story is picking up speed and things are happening. Well, relatively speaking. I still feel like INTRUDERS is spinning its wheels dragging out Madison/Marcus’ quest to get wherever he/she is going. And I’m really not sure how good a cop Jack was, since his entire investigation has been very rudimentary and somewhat random. He needs help.

It was good to see Robert Forster would be back – both because I predicted he would be (whew!) and because he always lends a sense of gravitas to whatever scene he’s in, and this story could use the weight. (Not to be confused with the leaden storytelling pace, of course.)

Seattle, 9 years ago: Marcus (Alex Diakun) was cornered by police in his home. When the cops broke in, Marcus was nowhere to be found – but the police did find a corpse. Lots of corpses. Lots and lots of corpses. All apparently ritually murdered and buried under the floorboards in the basement.

In Present Day Seattle, Detective Blanchard (Daryl Shuttleworth) interviewed Jack (John Simm) about Anderson’s murder. Jack was careful to appear cooperative without actually revealing what (he thought) was actually going on. Madison (Millie Brown) located the weirdo Cranfield building sketched in the 9 Book, but this time there were people there, who threw the kid out.

Frank Shepherd (Forster) confronted Richard Shepherd (James Frain) to chide him for getting sloppy. Richard says the Revarte shouldn’t hoard its technology and asked if Frank ever doubted his superiors. Frank admitted Rose once asked her to find someone way off the books, but changes the subject to finding Marcus Fox. Frank knows someone helped Marcus return and asks Richard if he did it. Richard says no. Frank orders him to find whoever did and kill him – and be as messy as he wants.

Jack told Amy (Mira Sorvino) over the phone that he’s researching his book at Le Soleil hotel. He said he loves her, and she hung up. Then Jack got a call from Rose setting up a meeting a Pier 9 – and revealing that she knew he was in Room 112 of the Pilgrim motor Lodge – meaning he’s being watched.

sheps02The next morning Jack called Gary’s office and learned he was fired months ago. Jack went to his Pier 9 meeting, where Gary (Tory Kittles) called him. Jack called him on his lies. Gary agreed to meet at his room – at Le Soleil hotel. But then Jack was confronted by Frank on the dock. Jack expressed concern for his wife, and Frank assured Jack he would see her again – but not in this lifetime! They fought, but just as Frank got the drop on Jack, he was shot dead – by Richard. Richard told Jack if they meet a third time it will be because someone told him to kill Jack.

Richard staked out the Cranfield building, waiting for Marcus to show. But Madison was far away, wandering in a residential area. She saw a house and ran toward it, screaming, “Mom, Dad!” But a man lived there: Larry Owens (Jonathon Young) Madison rushed inside and used his phone to call her grief-stricken mother (Sonya Salomaa). As Larry talked to Allison, Madison wandered the home – and recognized it as Marcus’ old house, flashing back to the opening sequence. Madison grabbed a knife and killed Larry, and then she drank some booze while taking a shower.

Jack went to Gary’s room (908) at Le Soleil and found the place littered with files. Gary said Anderson’s ghost machine works. In flashback, we see he visited Anderson’s home. As he peeked into the basement, the ghost machine was activated, filling him with non-specific terror until it was turned off. Later, he felt sick again and couldn’t sleep. When he looked at his 18-month-old baby, Emily, suddenly he could see a second soul in the baby: Donna! Gary insisted Donna (Katherine Evans) didn’t commit suicide, showing him the note she had left, addressed to Gary. It included the line, “In the beginning there was death.”

Richard went to Marcus’ old home, where he found Madison, who complained about the 9 Book making no sense. Richard said breaking the rules as Marcus has means being barring from continued life. Richard admits having second thoughts about the deal with Marcus and pulls his gun. Marcus pretends to be Madison and gets Richard to trip over Larry’s corpse. She steals Richard’s car, and he gives chase in Larry’s van, but finds his car crashed and Madison gone. Along with his chips.

Gary said Donna has come back to warn him. Jack doesn’t believe a baby is possessed by the soul of a girl they went to high school with, but Gary insisted his baby has changed. Jack admitted that Amy has changed. Gary researched the 300-year-old charity and traced it to Amy and a bunch of other people, including Rose Gilchrist. Jack recognized that name as the chick who tried to kill him. Gary said Rose is staying in the room right across the hall! Gary explained that everybody has two souls, and the cult thinks they can take control the new body they are born into, so they go willingly into the next life.

sheps03Anderson’s machine lets everyone see the second soul, taking away their advantage. Gary fell to pieces, and Jack decided to do some snooping. Watching from Gary’s room, he saw Richard arrive at the room across the hall. When Amy answered the door, Richard called her “Rose.”

At least they didn’t try to stretch the Rose/Amy revelation until the end. It wasn’t hard to guess the truth. Now the show will have to backfill story to explain why she’s been acting the way she has – as opposed to the other odd ways she’s been acting. (Like that voice modulator thing.)

Did baby Emily’s face change as we looked at her? It was so subtle that I can’t be sure I really saw anything. If there was some image manipulation, it was extremely well-done, and had the effect of making that kid make me feel very uncomfortable.

Speaking of uncomfortable, the script was co-written by Glen Morgan and his brother Darin, who is a supervising producer on this series – but sadly it showed little of the humor that Darin was famous for while writing very funny scripts during his big brother’s tenure on THE X-FILES – such as “Humbug” – and for MILLENIUM. Only Larry Owens was mildly amusing – and the gag about Marcus eating Richard’s chips had to be Darin’s work.


Darin Morgan played the Flukeman in the classic second-season X-FILES episode “The Host,” and won an Emmy for writing “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose” in the third season. (Peter Boyle also won an Emmy, for playing Bruckman.)


“If what they told us is true, Frank, this won’t matter much.” – Richard, before killing Frank

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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