New ‘Interstellar’ Posters: Not So Stellar

Paramount Pictures has released a pair of new posters for Christopher Nolan‘s mysterious sci-fi drama Interstellar, and the results are decidedly mixed for me.

The first poster shows the (presumably) interstellar spacecraft built to try to save the human race, and while I really like the design, the image looks too much like poor Photoshop to me. I think the model used was too small, and it simply does not look right when blown up.

In other words, it looks fake.

The second sheet, featuring Matthew McConaughey‘s character staring into a starry sky with his daughter is a little too Field of Dreams for me. “If you built it, he will fly it.” It looks to be playing up the sappy father/daughter dynamic seen in the early trailers. I’m sure that’s perfectly fine for some, but it’s too saccharine for my taste.

Interstellar opens Nov. 7.


Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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