INTRUDERS 1.04: “Ave Verum Corpus”

ave03Finally, an excellent episode of INTRUDERS – one in which things actually happened and we could appreciate those things – and actually understand some of it, instead of turning away from the TV muttering, “WTF did I just watch?”

There was a palpable sense of suspense for the very first time. This time, writer Glen Morgan and director Eduardo Sanchez remembered Alfred Hitchcock’s rule for how to create suspense: by giving the audience information. True, Hitch meant giving us more than the characters get, and we’re not quite there yet, but… baby steps…

Madison (Millie Brown) found a dude to drive her to Seattle, where she was at a loss as to where to go next. The 9 Book had a picture of a building, but no map.

Rose called Shepherd (James Frain) to threaten him about doing his job. Madison forced her way into a meeting with Todd Crane (Andrew Airlie), but Marcus lost control partway through the encounter before regaining control. “There’s this kid inside me that won’t go down easily,” he said. She demanded a meeting with Cranfield. She asked if Rose was triggered, and then Crane threw her out. He left an urgent message for Rose.

Gary (Tory Kittles) explained to Jack (John Simm) a complicated paper trail of real estate deals that left Amy (Mira Sorvino) as a trustee of a building owned by billionaire Joseph Cranfield. They visited the site and found it deserted. Later, Jack went to Bill Anderson’s house and picked through the basement, but was arrested. Detective Blanchard (Daryl Shuttleworth) told him that conspiracy nuts were exchanging information about Anderson over the radio.

ave02 Gary bailed Jack out of jail and they tried to bluff their way into Cranfield’s estate, but were turned away. So they jumped a wall and sneaked close enough to see through a window: a crowd of people (including Amy) were wrapping Cranfield in a shroud or bandages like a mummy. Jack devised an encrypted message for the pirate radio broadcast to contact Anderson. It worked – Anderson met them at a bar and revealed that he had built a machine that sees ghosts. But Shepherd also decoded the message. He arrived and shot Anderson dead, leaving Jack and Gary unharmed.

So now we know the reason that Qui Reverte wanted Bill Anderson dead: If his machine can really see ghosts, he might be able to identify the Reverte. And, of course, once an acoustics engineer from the University of Washington starts revealing that certain powerful people have two souls in them, well, that will just cause mass panic, right? Because what’s not to believe about that?

That one Cranfield property could be one of the places the 9 Book mentions as being an easier crossing to the land of the dead. After all, there’s got to be a reason it is in this show.

ave01Don’t you hate coincidences that unstick a stuck plot? Marcus is frustrated so he seeks solace in a book department and just happens to sit in a spot where he can see a particular book cover. A book cover that has two words he needs to remember two important things? The book cover reminded Madison/Marcus of Crane for him, and Allison for her: Joseph Cranfield and mommy Allison.

It’s possible that jazz musician is waiting inside Joseph Cranfield – which would explain Amy’s obsession with that song as well as her being named his trustee for the building and her involvement in his “funeral” service.

The mysterious sound coming from the telephone calls must have been implanting future instructions, since Jack and Gary seemed none the worse for wear and continued with their plan to contact Anderson. It would be cool if it’s some kind of post-hypnotic suggestion that will freeze them if they confront the Big Bad.

Speaking of mysterious phone calls, why did Rose use a voice modulator during her calls? Is she hiding her identity from her own minions? Or could it be because we the viewers would recognize the voice? Is Rose actually Amy?

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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