DOCTOR WHO (Modern Era) 8.04, (Classic Series) 34.04: “Listen”

listen01After going for laughs last week with “Robot of Sherwood,” show runner Steven Moffat went for chills with this week’s script – and he succeeded on a very primal level. For TV, this was a damn scary episode, with some excellent atmospherics as opposed to the usual gore seen on shows like THE WALKING DEAD or HANNIBAL. In this DOCTOR WHO universe, the scariest thing in the universe is… a bedspread?

The Doctor’s quest to discover if any creature has mastered perfect camouflage – and what such a being might want – leads to an unexpected visit to the Doctor’s childhood, where Clara again has a huge influence over his life, ironically implanting ideas about fear and “the promise” implicit in the Doctor’s name.
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INTRUDERS 1.04: “Ave Verum Corpus”

ave03Finally, an excellent episode of INTRUDERS – one in which things actually happened and we could appreciate those things – and actually understand some of it, instead of turning away from the TV muttering, “WTF did I just watch?”

There was a palpable sense of suspense for the very first time. This time, writer Glen Morgan and director Eduardo Sanchez remembered Alfred Hitchcock’s rule for how to create suspense: by giving the audience information. True, Hitch meant giving us more than the characters get, and we’re not quite there yet, but… baby steps…
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‘Time Heist’ Goes Retro

THretroArtist Stuart Manning is responsible for this week’s blast-from- the- past style poster to promote DOCTOR WHO’s new episode, “Time Heist.”

Manning explained to Britain’s Radio Times what he was going for:

Slinky Miss Delphox was the starting point for this one. Keeley Hawes‘ publicity pic had such a great silhouette that I immediately wanted to include it. I did a poster for MAD MEN a couple of years back, using a similar treatment on Joan, and the idea stuck in my head.
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