Moffat’s Discarded 10th Doctor Arc

10dyingJust a few short hours away from the season eight premiere of DOCTOR WHO and executive producer Steven Moffat‘s introduction of Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor, I thought it might be fun to look back the abandoned plan Moffat had for series five if David Tennant had decided to stay on for another year.

Turns out things would not have been radically different. Moffat told Doctor Who Magazine:

Had David stayed for one final year, it would certainly have been his last, so my pitch was that it would start with the TARDIS crashing in Amelia’s back garden – as now – and a terribly battered and bruised 10th Doctor staggering out.

Amelia finds him, feeds him fish custard (no that was for Matt; it would have been something more David-y) and generally helps him. But we, the audience, can see he’s in a truly bad way. Dying maybe. Eventually he heads back to his TARDIS, and flies off.

But when he returns – many years later for Amy – he seems perfectly fine, and indeed doesn’t remember any of those events… Over time, we realize what we saw was the 10th Doctor at the end of his life, about to regenerate. Events that we return to in Episode 13.

Of course, one has to assume that Amy would have carried over to Matt Smith‘s era, and River Song’s story probably would have been essentially the same. (The beat-up 10th being Amy’s “Raggedy Doctor” of her youth.)

But that was an alternate past. Now we turn our  eyes to the impending future…



Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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