WALKING DEAD Poised for a Bloodbath

ricks5As THE WALKING DEAD shambles toward its fifth-season premiere in October, star Andrew Lincoln wants us to know that no one should be considered safe; death could be waiting for any of the major characters:

It is an inevitable part of this show. It’s one of the great things, I think, that you have real jeopardy for favorite characters. It won’t be without its share of death this season.

As for his own character, Rick, Lincoln told Entertainment Weekly:

You find Rick in an incredibly dangerous and powerful place this season. He’s not in any doubt about his brutality as well as his humanity, and I think he’s made peace with that. But that does not negate him being a great father. I think that everything is about the children and his family. If you stand alongside him, you’re his family. If you stand against him, then you’re a problem.

Sounds like Ricktatorship 2.0… only this time perhaps he’ll get it right.

We’ll begin to find out when TWD returns, on Oct. 12.

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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