Marvel’s Mystery Dates

marvelmobMarvel Studios has secured five new release dates stretching into 2019 — but is refusing to divulge the movies it plans to release. Well, most likely until the big comic convention in San Diego later this week.

The new dates are: July 28 and Nov. 3, 2017; July 6 and Nov. 2, 2018; and May 3, 2019.

So, adding these latest dates to those already announced, Marvel’s five-year mission is shaping up like this:


May 1: Avengers: Age of Ultron

July 17: Ant-Man


May 6: Captain America 3

July 8: Doctor Strange


May 5: TBA

July 28: TBA

Nov. 3: TBA


July 6: TBA

Nov. 2: TBA


May 3: TBA


Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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