10 Cent Pistol

No, not the Black Keys song — the new caper movie starring Jena Malone and Joe Montegna opening today, July 4.

This story about two lifelong criminals trying to stay afloat in the Los Angeles underworld finally casts Malone in the role I’ve been waiting for her to get: the beautiful femme fatale.

Directed by Michael C. Martin, the cast also features Adam Arkin and Jessica Szohr.

First Look at Cavill’s Second Go as Superman

supesMos2The first glimpse of Henry Cavill back in costume as Superman for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has come courtesy of newspaper USA Today.

There are no noticeable changes to the red-and-blue jammies, but to me Cavill’s hairline looks… odd. When I saw this, the first thought that leaped to mind was: “Don’t you think he looks tired?” (Am I right, Whovians?)
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