Images From This Fall’s CONSTANTINE

One this fall’s most promising series is NBC’s CONSTANTINE, which will pit supernatural investigator John Constantine (Matt Ryan) against malevolent otherworldly forces mankind could never dream of. And he has an attitude about it.

I thought I’d gather together a few cool images from the show’s Facebook page which, along with the teaser video, make me believe the producers are on the right track with adaptation of DC Comics’ Hellblazer comic book series.

These images bring up two issues for me:

  1. Will Constantine be allowed to smoke on TV? His cancer sticks were his signature in the comics and actually became a major plot point when he developed terminal lung cancer. Let the man smoke!
  2. I’ve already seen ignorant people complain that Constantine’s look is a ripoff of SUPERNATURAL’s Castiel. Wrong. Constantine came first; Castiel is a visual homage to the comics character. Get your history right.

CONSTANTINE premieres on NBC Oct. 24 at 10 p.m.

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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