Zack Posts Batmobile Photo — and Batman!

Batmobile2014IIBatman vs. Superman director Zack Snyder just posted another image on his Twitter of the new Batmobile — and Batman is standing next to it!

In his accompanying Tweet, Zack wrote:

I shot this with my @Leica_Camera M Monochrom. #Batman #Batmobile #Gotham

If that is indeed Ben Affleck (and not a lighting stand-in) he looks really great in the new Batsuit! I’ve always been a fan of the short-eared look. Bats looks gruff and solid, like an experienced hero. He is going to kick Superman’s ass!

The new Batmobile appears to be a fusion of the brilliant Tim Burton version from 1989’s Batman and the more utilitarian Tumbler from Christopher Nolan‘s Dark Knight films.

Moffat on Why He Hired Capaldi as the Doctor

moffatcapaldiIn the new issue of Britain’s Radio Times, on sale today, DOCTOR WHO show-runner Steven Moffat talks about writing the 50th anniversary story, “The Day of the Doctor” (which is nominated for a BAFTA) but more importantly he chats about casting Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor.

In the interview, Moffat says:

When you choose a Doctor, you want somebody who is utterly compelling, attractive in a very odd way. None of the Doctors are conventionally attractive, but they’re all arresting. Handsome men don’t quite suit. Matt Smith’s a young, good-looking bloke from one angle but is actually the strangest-looking man from another. You need that oddity; you need somebody who is carved out of solid star, really.
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Fox Pairs GOTHAM With SLEEPY HOLLOW for Fall

Monday nights on Fox will be something of a travelogue to the fantasy realms GOTHAM and SLEEPY HOLLOW and freaks including the Penguin and Headless Horseman.

Fox has just announced that the new series GOTHAM, which chronicles events in Gotham City before the rise of the Batman (indeed, Bruce Wayne appears as a mere 12-year-old), will kick off the evening at 8 o’clock and be followed by SLEEPY HOLLOW in its familiar 9 p.m. slot.

Here is a smattering of promotional images of GOTHAM that Fox released along with the announcement.

No premiere dates have been released.