Batmobile vs. Superman: the Tease

Batmobile2014Man of Steel director Zack Snyder, who is helming the upcoming Batman vs. Superman, used his Twitter account (@ZackSnyder) today to tease the Batmobile that will appear in the 2016 sequel by revealing the rear end of the vehicle that has had many onscreen designs.

Snyder’s accompanying Tweet teased the possibility of revealing the whole thing tomorrow — or will the tarp just be pulled back a little more? Stay tuned…


First Trailer Teases NBC’s CONSTANTINE Series

NBC has decided to go to series this fall with CONSTANTINE, the adaptation of DC Comics’ Hellblazer comic book series starring trickster/magician John Constantine.

That’s good news, and this first trailer is actually cause for jubilation because it looks like the TV show is trying to adapt the John Constantine character that appeared in the Hellblazer comics — and the John Constantine who appeared in the Hellblazer comics was a total asshole! Seriously, the guy is venal and selfish, his methods are questionable at best, and he is generally the furthest thing from a superhero.

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