Tom Baker Open to Guesting on DOCTOR WHO!

4thdalekWhile promoting the launch of 30 episodes of classic DOCTOR WHO on Britain’s Horror Channel, erstwhile Fourth Doctor Tom Baker revealed he is interested in returning to the series — and wouldn’t mind appearing with other incarnations of the Doctor!

This cosmos-rattling change of heart came as he was being interviewed by the Horror Channel:

“I turned down ‘The Five Doctors’ because it wasn’t long since I’d left — I had left DOCTOR WHO because I think I’d run my course. I didn’t want to play 20 percent of the part. I didn’t fancy being a feed for other Doctors — in fact, it filled me with horror! Now, of course, if someone asked me to do a scene with some other Doctors, I think, if they let me tamper with the script, it would probably be quite droll. I would think about that, yes.”

And Baker even said he would like to appear alongside the current 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi.

“I wouldn’t rule anything out. If it was a nice part, with some good lines, I might deign to appear! I greatly admire Capaldi; he’s lovely, and apparently he’s a great fan of DOCTOR WHO — he might ask for me!”

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Classic DOCTOR WHO Tales Bound for Horror Channel

"The Sea Devils"

“The Sea Devils”

Great Britain’s Horror Channel will begin running a selection of 30 stories from the classic era (1963-’89) beginning tomorrow with a “Who on Horror” marathon featuring a story from each of the first seven Doctors spread over the whole of Easter weekend!

The action begins Friday with the very first serial, William Hartnell’s “An Unearthly Child,” and other episodes bound for the Horror Channel include “The Sea Devils,” “Genesis of the Daleks” and “The Caves of Androzani,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Pity the poor DOCTOR WHO fan in the USA: The Horror Channel isn’t available here in the Colonies, and that’s a great shame; the programming lineup features a lot of great stuff beyond DW, including movies, other old TV series and new interviews.