Moffat Dismisses DOCTOR WHO Ratings ‘Decline’

grandmoffIt was Oscar Wilde who said, “There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.”

DOCTOR WHO show-runner Steven Moffat seems willing to take a page from the Irish wit when it comes to dealing with all those stories in the British tabloid press about DW’s supposed ratings problems.

A reader of Doctor Who Magazine asked Moffat about the negative headlines, and the executive producer wrote:

“‘Doctor Who continues to be a massive hit’ is not a headline. ‘Doctor Who in ratings crisis’ is. Perversely, so long as Doctor Who is huge, those newspaper stories will continue. I’ll start worrying that there’s a problem when people stop trying to pretend that there’s a problem. So long as we’re click-bait for the papers and bloggers, we’re just fine. Highest-rated drama of the year – highest-rated drama on Christmas Day. Only the insane would quote that as evidence for decline.”


2 thoughts on “Moffat Dismisses DOCTOR WHO Ratings ‘Decline’

  1. That incompetent moron continues to lie. He creates stories that start out good but end on a very sour note.
    River Song! Thank goodness that POS didn’t come back! I didn’t watch many Season 8 stories but what few I did (While pretty awful) were A LOT more tolerable due to the fact she wasn’t around to STINK THINGS UP!
    He has no idea what he is doing. He continues to create stories for morons who hate to use their brain while watching tv. they don’t question HUGE PLOT HOLES! Good Science Fiction doesn’t have any Huge Plot Holes. tiny ones yes, big ones no!
    Also, Good Science Fiction does not require the Audience to make HUGE LEAPS OF faith. Implying what’s happening off-screen is one thing, To show a woman who is a nanny one minute then a School Teacher the next without any explanation is a sign of sloppiness. Which is What Moffat continually does. Sloppy bad writing.
    And The Characters aren’t interesting. Except to extremely BORING people perhaps, but to those of us who actually have a life? Not so much.


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