Actor With a Beard Cast on DOCTOR WHO, so… Master

benmillerIt’s become a sort of game with the upcoming season eight of the rebooted DOCTOR WHO: How many minutes does it take before that latest actor cast is tipped as playing “the new Master” (or, for the ladies, “the new Rani”)? It’s probably down to a delay of mere seconds now.

So along comes the newest guest star of the season Ben Miller, a veteran of PRIMEVAL and DEATH IN PARADISE (on which he played a policeman), who has a beard (in some photos) — and is actually referred to as being cast to play a villain! Ta-dah! Meet the new Master.

Well, maybe not so fast. But then again, see what executive producer Steven Moffat had to say about the casting of Miller:

Mark Gatiss has written us a storming villain for his new episode, and with Capaldi in the TARDIS, we knew we needed somebody special to send everybody behind the sofa. And quite frankly, it’s about time Ben Miller was in DOCTOR WHO!”

So Miller is playing a baddie — and a “storming” one at that. Could he be the Master? Yes.


But what does Miller himself have to say about the role? The actor told the BBC Doctor Who website:

“As a committed Whovian, I cannot believe my luck in joining the Twelfth Doctor for one of his inaugural adventures. My only worry is that they’ll make me leave the set when I’m not filming.”

So. Could Miller be the playing the latest incarnation of the Master? Of course he could be. But is he? That information, we will not know for a while.

DOCTOR WHO: Escape From Trenzalore

timeofdocAs wonderful as the last stand of the 11th Doctor was, there are still some DOCTOR WHO fans who insist on being confused by the details of “The Time of the Doctor,” including that whole “the Doctor’s tomb is on Trenzalore” business, rather than simply accepting the message of virtually Matt Smith’s entire run: “Time can be rewritten.” So that’s what he did.

No, these folks insist on some explicit timey-wimey explanation for the Doctor visiting his own grave/not grave. Fortunately, executive producer Steven Moffat has devoted a column in the current issue of Doctor Who Magazine to addressing the issue of whether “The Time of the Doctor” contradicts “The Name of the Doctor.”
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