Jenna Coleman Mum on New Dynamic in DOCTOR WHO

True, she hasn’t really been filming the new season of DOCTOR WHO for very long, but Jenna Coleman is not letting anything slip about the nature of Clara’s relationship with the new incarnation of the Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi. However, her reticence on that topic led her to confirm just the tiniest morsel about the story in the premiere episode:

“We pretty much pick up where we left off at Christmas and we carry on the story straight away after the regeneration so we’re dealing with that for the first episode.”

So, as suspected, the season eight premiere will pick up exactly where the Christmas special, “The Time of the Doctor,” left off: With Clara confronting the new Doctor in a crashing TARDIS. And somehow that TARDIS makes landfall in Victorian England.

But why not let Jenna tell it?

Keeley Hawes Loved Playing DOCTOR WHO Baddie

Keeley-HawesSeries eight of DOCTOR WHO will see Keeley Hawes playing evil banker — is there any other kind? — Ms. Delphox in episode five later this year. Apparently, she really enjoyed the experience, saying:

“I had such a lovely time on DOCTOR WHO. Can’t really call it ‘work,’ it was absolutely lovely. My favorite part was something I thought I’d never get to do — when the camera shakes [does a shaking motion]. You know, that kind of cheap effect! [Laughs] With the new Doctor! With Peter Capaldi — who is brilliant. And the lovely Jenna Coleman. They were so welcoming. It’s quite nerve-wracking, going on to a big show like that. They were absolutely delightful.”

(via BlogtorWho)