Godzilla TV Spots Ups the Tension

I really enjoyed this new TV commercial for the upcoming Godzilla reboot. There’s a lot of drama and tension in what goes unspoken between the characters. You will believe this is happening.

In this movie, Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor-Johnson are married — unlike the characters they play when they co-star in next year’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, who are brother and sister.

CONSTANTINE Pilot Sends People to Co-Creator

constantineNow that production of NBC’s pilot for a CONSTANTINE series is well under way, it’s probably no surprise that journalists, podcasters and even bloggers are looking to interview the comic book characters creators. Not surprising — but it is a bit problematical.

See, John Constantine was created in the Saga of the Swamp Thing comic book by artist Stephen Bissette and… uh, a writer who doesn’t like to talk about DC Comics anymore, the man/legend/myth called Alan Moore. Now, as anyone who knows anything about comics knows, Moore would rather have his brain extracted with a rusty fishhook via a hole in his big toe than talk about/publicize DC Comics. He has distanced himself from all his work and refuses to accept a penny from ancillary sales like movies and TV.

That leaves only Mr. Bissette available via social media. So he posted on his Facebook, asking DC what, if anything, they would like him to say about Constantine and how the character came to be. Well, you can read it for yourself after the jump.
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Winter Soldier Sebastian Stan Will Be Back!

sebastiansYou can rest assured that whatever happens in Captain America: The Winter Soldier when it opens tomorrow, Sebastian Stan will be back — because he says he signed a nine-picture deal with Marvel Studios!

Winter Soldier is his second outing (following Captain America: The First Avenger), leaving seven more contracted appearances. Of course, not all of them have to be as the Winter Soldier — although Marvel does need more good baddies. One idea has Stan moving up to take over the Captain America identity whenever current star Chris Evans inevitably leaves — either from fulfilling his contract or aging out of the role. In the comics, Bucky did indeed take over for his mentor at one point, so it’s not an outrageous possibility.

But if you end up hating the Winter Soldier actor… well, these could be seven long movies…