The Doctor’s ‘New’ Duds, ‘New’ Sonic and New Monster!

Some sneaky set photos from filming the eighth series of DOCTOR WHO have given us a close look at the 12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi) wearing a different costume — a long lab coat with pens in the breast pocket (probably a disguise) — and using what has been described as a new sonic screwdriver, although the close-up image shows it to be essentially identical to one used by his 11th incarnation. And then there’s that new monster, which looks to me like a giant mechanical owl!

The only difference I can (almost) perceive in the sonic is that it may be all gold in color instead of having a silver cylinder — but that can be put down to the low lighting of the photos.

As for the new monster, it’s being referred to as an alien, and I’m going to call it the Owlbot until someone tells me different — or I think up a better name. (But, seriously, I’m not gonna improve on Owlbot. Who could?)

‘Days of Future Past’ TV Spot Debuts

In case you missed the premiere of the first TV commercial for X-Men: Days of Future Past during Sunday night’s season finale of THE WALKING DEAD, 20th Century Fox has released it online.

It’s nothing more than a cut-down version of the latest trailer, but still, it’s exciting stuff.