Is Another Old Monster Getting a Face-lift for DOCTOR WHO?

Is this a Nimon I see before me?

Not only were lead actors Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman spotted shooting a series eight story for DOCTOR WHO on location in a park, they were shooting with a monster of unfamiliar design that many folks on the interwebs are suggesting could be a redesigned Nimon! Judge for yourself:

As the best closeup of the head reveals, this would be a pretty extensive reimagining of the parasitic creatures seen previously only in the 1979 Fourth Doctor story “The Horns of Nimon.”

nimonclassicThe Nimon were/are a very unlikely candidate for revival, as “The Horns of Nimon” is (somewhat) affectionately regarded by longtime fans as one of the very worst-executed serials from the classic series. The campy disco-era costuming — the Nimons were depicted with fluorescent yellow horns on oversized papier mache heads and shod in platform heels, while the Second Romana (Lalla Ward) wore a fox-hunting costume — silly, wobbly sets and shrill, completely over-the-top acting make it a textbook example of everything that was believed wrong with the original run. I think it is, however, worth watching just to see Graham Crowden do everything except literally gnaw on the scenery while playing the evil Soldeed.

So, do the new photos depict a new-and-improved Nimon? I cannot deny that I would be happy to see the original monster rehabilitated with an updated look and a more dangerous aspect that make them a more suitable foe for the Doctor. And executive producer Steven Moffat does love bringing back unexpected characters from the classic series — so who knows?

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