‘Winter Soldier’ Clip: Mr. Fury & Mr. Pierce

In this clip from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Nick Fury goes to Alexander Pierce to ask for a favor, giving Samuel L. Jackson a chance to work with Hollywood legend Robert Redford. Check it out…

Y’know speaking of Redford and that “Hollywood legend” stuff, the Law of Conservation of Casting would seem to indicate that a production would not hire an actor of Redford’s stature/salary for a throwaway role — which fuels the speculation that Alexander Pierce is not exactly who he says he is. But if that’s the case, who is he?

There has been rampant speculation that Pierce is the Red Skull in disguise, and while that certainly sounds cool, I kind of doubt that Redford was brought on board just to replace Hugo Weaving. And does Redford really want to take over a role created by someone else? We know he’s not Baron Strucker. He’s not Batroc. Could Redford be Zemo? Maybe he’s playing the son of Red Skull, who takes on his late father’s mask and mission?

Of course,  Alexander could be Cap and Peggy’s lovechild from the 1940s, left fatherless by Steve Rogers’ plunge into the icy North Atlantic…

New Movie Posters on Parade

I see a couple of really great film posters were just released — along with another that is… well, curious.

The Godzilla poster clearly rules them all. This beauty is a limited edition available only to lucky attendees at SXSW.

Disney is going all-out with two posters for Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent — one version makes it look like a standalone (non-Disney) production centered on Angelina, while the other goes the total “Disney animated fairy princess” route and includes co-star Elle Fanning. (No, this is not an Angie solo project.)

Finally, I included The Raid 2 only for the blurb, “One of the greatest action movies ever made!” Because if anything screams action, it’s a dude pointing a baseball bat and woman with a claw hammer!