Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle Join ‘GOTHAM’

bruceselinaThe Commissioner Gordon-centric Batman prequel TV series, GOTHAM, has cast the actors who will play the young versions of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle — whom fans know will grow up to be frenemies Batman and Catwoman — according to E! News.

David Mazouz, who starred in TOUCH with Kiefer Sutherland, will portray the preteen Bruce, while Camren Bicondova, a newcomer to acting, will play Selina as a teenager. Yes, that means in this universe, Catwoman is older than Batman!

Selina will be presented as an orphaned street kid who is a master pickpocket and thief — and dangerous when cornered. Bruce, meanwhile, is dealing with the traumatic death of his parents and is sequestered in stately Wayne manor, being raised by loyal butler Alfred Pennnyworth (Sean Pertwee).
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Peter Capaldi: Matt Smith Gave Me His Blessing

doctorfangirlAnyone who might still be wondering if DOCTOR WHO is in the right hands for series eight can breathe a sigh of relief, because 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi has just demonstrated that he is worthy of the mantle by reassuring a young fan worried about the changeover.

On location, Peter was introduced to a young autistic girl in a Dalek costume who was concerned about losing Matt Smith. Peter gently explained that Matt (and Jenna Coleman) had endorsed him, and put the little girl at ease:

“Matt was really nice to me, as Jenna was, too. They were both very welcoming to me when I came into the TARDIS. Matt said to me to look after DOCTOR WHO, and he gave me his watch and he said that in his own way he was happy that it was me that was coming in. So I will do my very best to be as much fun and as friendly as he is… I will be different. [Matt and Jenna] say it’s OK for me to be the Doctor. I hope that you think it would be OK for me to be the Doctor, too… I might be a bit noisy at first!”

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