3 Last-Minute RoboCop Teaser Trailers

The RoboCop reboot opens today, Feb. 12, in the USA, and so Warner Bros. just released a final three short teaser trailers to remind you to see the film, which stars THE KILLING’s Joel Kinnaman in Peter Weller‘s iconic role.

With Friday being Valentine’s Day, this Looks like a great date movie, right guys? Guys…?

FF Director Denies Jordan Casting and a Female Dr. Doom

mbjahEverybody can relax now: That report from The Hollywood Reporter that the long-rumored Fantastic Four reboot movie will change the gender of arch villain Dr. Doom to female has been squashed at the highest level — director Josh Trank himself.

Trank (Chronicle) took to Twitter to put down the rumor rather succinctly:

“The THR gender speculation is also bullshit. Next.”

Trank went on to deny that Michael B. Jordan has already been cast as the Human Torch and he also insisted that the leaked synopsis of the film featuring a new origin story was also false.
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Is Ms. Marvel Joining the Avengers Sequel?

msmarvelThere’s long been a rumor that Marvel wants to beef up its superheroine quotient from one — Black Widow — to… er well, at least two. One way to accomplish goal was thought to be adding Ms. Marvel to Avengers: The Age of Ultron. It now appears that may be more than just a rumor.

Latino-Review — which often has very good sources about this sort of thing — claims that Ms. Marvel definitely will be in the movie, but with a slightly altered alter ego:

“Miss Marvel is the last piece of major casting left in the movie. Yeah, Miss Marvel. Now, I’m not going to spoil HOW she is in it, but she is in there, kids.”

So, it will be “Miss” not “Ms.” Marvel? I wonder how that’s going to go down with a certain segment of the viewing population…

As for casting, well… anyone remember the rumors from a few months back that Katee Sackhoff was meeting with Marvel about a hush-hush role? Perhaps that was Ms./Miss Marvel. She certainly would fit the part! And I would love to see her in the role.

New Doctor, New Direction: Darker

pccostumeIt may not be surprising to learn that — at least initially — series eight of DOCTOR WHO is taking a decidedly darker turn; after all, the first two, template-setting episodes are being directed by Ben Wheatley, who is probably best known for the black-and-white horror film A Field in England.

However, the change in tone is not his fault; the darkness was always there, he insists, telling io9:

“DOCTOR WHO is pretty dark, I think. Generally it’s dark; it’s always been dark, even in the more modern ones. If you look at the Tom Baker stuff, it’s especially dark. When he leaves Leela — who’s a very beloved assistant — he just laughs after it. There’s none of the [breaking down and crying]. He just laughs, and “on to the next one,” you know. It’s a bonkers show. It’s a monster. To have a unity that runs eight years [of the new series]… it’s pretty crazy. They’ve done everything, they’ve tried all sorts of stuff. It seems to me the episodes that we’re doing now seem more like classic Who. We’re going back to that style.”

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‘Mike’ Joins BREAKING BAD Prequel Series, BETTER CALL SAUL

jbmikeThat BREAKING BAD prequel spin-off, BETTER CALL SAUL, has added a familiar face to join star Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman — Jonathan Banks will bring back tough guy Mike Ehrmantraut, according to Deadline.

The casting makes sense because Mike was introduced (in season two) as someone that Saul already knew and dealt with on a regular basis. I guess we’ll see how that business relationship began… or maybe Mike will just be one of those “guys” — as in when Saul says, “I know a guy….”
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Could Pompeii Be a Disaster of a Flick?

It’s certainly nowhere near as high-profile as some films due for imminent release (coughCaptainAmericasequelcough), but Paul W.S. Anderson’s upcoming Pompeii has a couple of things going for it: It’s based on an intriguing and haunting historical event, and it has a pretty terrific cast, including Kit Harington (GAME OF THRONES), Emily Browning (Sucker Punch), Kiefer Sutherland (24), Jared Harris (MAD MEN), Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (LOST) and Carrie-Anne Moss (Matrix trilogy).

I’d like this movie to be a success because I’m a fan of Ms. Browning, but the rest of the cast also deserve for the project not to suck, however, looking at the trailer…

So who’s going to party like it’s AD 79 when Pompeii opens Feb. 21?

Paul Bettany IS the Vision!

paul_bettanyWhat many have suspected for a while has finally come to pass: Paul Bettany — perhaps best known as the voice od J.A.R.V.I.S. in the Iron Man movies or as Mr. Jennifer Connelly — will play the Vision in next year’s Avengers: The Age of Ultron, according to Variety.

Obviously Bettany’s voice will be easily recognizable to viewers, so writer/director Joss Whedon will have to come up with some way to link J.A.R.V.I.S. and Vision. In the comics, Vision was a synthetic being created by Ultron to destroy the Avengers, but he ended up turning on his creator and joining up with the good guys. Eventually he married the Scarlet Witch — who will appear in A:AoU, played by  Elizabeth Olsen.
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AMC Developing Series Based on ‘PREACHER’ Comics

preacher1Not content to rest on the laurels of its comic book-inspired hit THE WALKING DEAD, AMC has committed to developing a series based on Preacher, one of the most acclaimed comics series of all time — it’s often mentioned right alongside Watchmen.

Somewhat surprisingly, the comedic team of Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg (This Is the End) will write and serve as executive producers, while Sam Catlin (late of BREAKING BAD) will be the show-runner. Rogan’s The Green Hornet movie was not nearly as bad as it was made out to be, and This Is the End entailed some seriesly demonic end-of-the-world stuff. So maybe these guys can pull off a PREACHER TV series.
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What? More ‘Winter Soldier’ Photos? Yup.

Yes, it’s true, Marvel Studios has released another batch of photos to promote Captain America: The Winter Soldier. For those of you haven’t heard, this is the sequel to 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger, and it opens April 4.

Teaser images are great, but let’s hope that the studio doesn’t release so many images that someone is able to piece together the movie, fumetti-style, photo by photo, before opening night!

Back to the Future — Onstage!

backtotheLondon’s fabled West End is about to get retro about the future — because someone has built a musical out of a time machine! Back to the Future — the Musical will premiere overseas in 2015, and it works out, look for the movie-based production to head to Broadway at approximately 88 mph.

This is no poseur production, either: Original film director/co-writer Robert Zemeckis and co-writer Bob Gale will write the book, along with the play’s director, Jamie Lloyd. Alan Silvestri, who wrote the movie score, will create new songs along with Glen Ballard. (The stage production will, of course, also include those iconic Huey Lewis tunes, like “The Power of Love.”)

No word yet on the cast, but no original actors are likely to make the transatlantic jump to tread the boards.