Godzilla’s Got a Brand-New Roar

Hopefully you’re aware that a new version of Godzilla is being made by director Gareth Edwards (starring Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Taylor-Johnson). It opens May 16, and a very low-key advertising campaign has been gradually ramping up.

The newest bit of promo material is a bit of a surprise to me: The studio has released an audio recording of Godzilla’s roar! Just as his look has been redesigned, so has his signature roar. Have a listen to this 12-second clip, but keep in mind that the first 10 seconds is Godzilla getting angry before unleashing his new roar:

Well, it’s… different, right? Sounds a little underwhelming to me. It makes me think of an angry whale. And I wonder if that was intentional, given that the Toho Company Ltd. creators of the character originally conceived of Godzilla as a cross between a whale and a gorilla! Combining the Japanese words for those creatures resulted in Gojira, which was transliterated into English as Godzilla.

Perhaps this addled whale sound is what Godzilla sounds like when he’s mildly annoyed, and the full-on, real earth-shattering roar will be revealed in the actual movie. Yes? Maybe?

What do you think of the “reimagined” Godzilla sound?

2 thoughts on “Godzilla’s Got a Brand-New Roar

    • Well… I like to visit Las Vegas, and when one of those casino whales (industry-speak for big spenders) loses, they get mighty angry!

      Referring to Godzilla as “a cross between a gorilla and a whale” was a metaphor at Toho: The whale aspect was supposed to represent Godzilla’s aquatic life, while the gorilla represented his strength and power.


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