FF Director Denies Jordan Casting and a Female Dr. Doom

mbjahEverybody can relax now: That report from The Hollywood Reporter that the long-rumored Fantastic Four reboot movie will change the gender of arch villain Dr. Doom to female has been squashed at the highest level — director Josh Trank himself.

Trank (Chronicle) took to Twitter to put down the rumor rather succinctly:

“The THR gender speculation is also bullshit. Next.”

Trank went on to deny that Michael B. Jordan has already been cast as the Human Torch and he also insisted that the leaked synopsis of the film featuring a new origin story was also false.

Nevertheless, 20th Century Fox lawyers demanded that all sites that had posted the synopsis remove it. The thing is, if that synopsis was just a crackpot fan prank, Fox would have no power to order it removed because it wouldn’t be Fox property. So far, no actual legal action has taken place, so maybe the lawyers were all just blustering and trying to intimidate websites into not posting anything else about the movie.

Anyway, after the legal threats, Trank Tweeted:

“All of the rumors I’ve debunked so far were really false, except for one of them.”

My money would be on the casting of Jordan. He’s been linked to the project for years, and is practically the only actor I’ve heard associated with it. When Jordan appeared on Access Hollywood recently and was asked about playing Johnny Storm, replied:

“It’s one of things where, certain people start talking too soon and then what if it doesn’t happen for whatever reason? Then I’m the guy who was out there talking about something that coulda, shoulda, woulda, but didn’t.”

halfdoomDoesn’t that sound like he’s thisclose to a deal, but nothing has been signed yet and it could all fall apart at any moment? Clearly, Jordan is not counting his chickens (or golden goose, as the case might be) before they hatch — but he’s also not denying the existence of the eggs probable possible casting.

I love the idea of Jordan as the Torch. He’s a talented actor and a great guy. I met and interviewed him back when he was just starting out on the soap opera ALL MY CHILDREN, and I was quite impressed with him then. Sometimes, you can see a spark in someone’s eye and know he’s going places; that was definitely the case with Jordan. He’s fantastic!

What do you think of Trank’s denials — and the one false denial? Which rumor do you think is true? Which actress could pull off playing Victor Victoria Doom?

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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