‘Mike’ Joins BREAKING BAD Prequel Series, BETTER CALL SAUL

jbmikeThat BREAKING BAD prequel spin-off, BETTER CALL SAUL, has added a familiar face to join star Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman — Jonathan Banks will bring back tough guy Mike Ehrmantraut, according to Deadline.

The casting makes sense because Mike was introduced (in season two) as someone that Saul already knew and dealt with on a regular basis. I guess we’ll see how that business relationship began… or maybe Mike will just be one of those “guys” — as in when Saul says, “I know a guy….”

Of course, it will be difficult for producers to put Mike (or Saul) into any kind of jeopardy, because we know they will be alive to… er, have adventures in BREAKING BAD. But that’s the nature of prequels — the audience pretty much knows what’s going to happen, so the only real opportunity to surprise viewers is in how things happen; how characters got to the places they were when BB started.

Maybe Saul Goodman starts BCS as a completely above-board attorney who gradually succumbs to the lure of big money working the shady side of the street. That would make the prequel a nice bookend to the original series and give creators another chance to examine the erosion of personal ethics.

Whatever it will entail, BETTER CALL SAUL is slated to debut in November on AMC.


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