And One Trailer to Rule Them All…

I don’t think there was any doubt that the Captain America: The Winter Soldier Super Bowl trailer lived up to the hype — and matched the high standard set by the first Cap clip.

CA:TWS made you forget there were trailers for other movies. Relive the glory:

Look for Cap, Widow, Falcon and all their friends on April 4.

Thor 3 Has Its Screenwriting Team

thor2There was never a doubt that there would be a third Thor movie, and now the project has its screenwriting team settled: Joining Christopher Yost (who co-wrote Thor: The Dark World) will be a former Marvel Studios executive, Craig Kyle, who worked in the animation division, and whose biggest claim to fame is co-creating the popular character X-23.

According to, Kyle most recently served as senior vice president of production and development, but resigned to become a full-time screenwriter after spending years writing for Marvel’s various animated series and movies, as well as comics.
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