DOCTOR WHO To Feature New Companion/Doctor Dynamic

doctorclaraIn addition to using the new incarnation of the Doctor to shake up audiences’ expectations on DOCTOR WHO, the new Time Lord (Peter Capaldi) will have a much different relationship with companion Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman).

Executive producer Steven Moffat recently chatted with The Mirror newspaper, and explained how the new Doctor will get on with the old companion:

“As a new Time Lord you need all the friends you can get, but [the 12th Doctor] even has to win over his companion. Clara grew very attached to [the 11th Doctor] and that shows in the opening episodes. Peter’s Doctor has to get past a spiky opening and try to make Clara a sidekick who will help him save the world from the usual mix of aliens and monsters from the galaxy.”

Additionally, according to the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, Moffat sees that dynamic as affecting the whole upcoming season:

“We’re going to give [Clara] a Doctor who’s not like [The Eleventh Doctor] at all, who’s a much older, fiercer, madder, less-reliable Doctor, who leads her a merry dance. And she’s trying to keep him a secret and she’s now working in a school.”

So, would a different companion have any better luck with the new Time Lord? Leaving aside those rumors of a male companion, what about someone who knows the Doctor really (really) well — say, Prof. River Song?

“I’m slightly tempted [to bring River back], because I imagine Peter Capaldi and Alex Kingston would be absolutely hilarious together.”

What do you think? Is there a past companion who would get on well with a more madcap, dangerous Doctor?

3 thoughts on “DOCTOR WHO To Feature New Companion/Doctor Dynamic

  1. Yes, yes me too she at least deserves this, I feel there is so much more for us to experience with Clara and I hope that she has at least a year with Capaldi it will def help the transition to this new Doctor I am just beyond grateful he regenerated. I have to agree with you I always at first am scared of the change i.e Clara from Amy and Rory, but after minutes of the new I am always happy with it. He does no exactly what we want even if we don’t. What are your thoughts on a solely male companion? Read that might happen somewhere.


  2. I am hoping that they don’t get rid of Clara to soon as I think that might upset viewers they don’t care about that though I don’t think. They will shake it up whether we want it shaken or not. So I will keep watching just hoping for some familiarity.


    • I hope Clara gets the whole season to hang around before Moffat introduces a companion tailored specifically for the Capaldi Doctor. I like her and I think, having saved the lives of all the other Doctors, she deserves the chance to guide the new one into his new life.

      My outlook on Moffat changing things up is, he gives the fans what we didn’t know we wanted. It really is time to change things up. And it sounds like he’s going to take a crack at doing the Sixth Doctor correctly. Poor Colin Baker was so ill-served by the writers and John Nathan-Turner during his era.


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