Capaldi Completes First Script Reading

tardisThe BBC Tweeted this week that the new star of DOCTOR WHO, Peter Capaldi, has completed the read-through of his first episode he will record as the 12th Doctor. (This may or may not be the first episode of the season; stories often film out of order.)

Yes, I called him the 12th Doctor; I’ll believe he’s No. 14 when I see it on the air.

Auntie Beeb Tweeted:

“Peter Capaldi has just completed his first read through as the Doctor! A new era of Doctor Who is coming…”

For those of who may not know, a read-through is when the entire cast assembles around a table with the director, producers and the writer to read the script through from start to finish, with everyone reciting his/her lines. It’s the first time the cast gets to work together, and the first time the director hears what the ensemble sounds like.

DW read-throughs usually happen very close to the start of filming, so it won’t be long before Capaldi goes in front of the cameras to kick off his era. I’m better production starts right after the New Year.

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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