Only 14 Episodes for Peter Capaldi on DOCTOR WHO?

capaldieyesPeter Capaldi has not yet debuted as the new star of DOCTOR WHO, so of course it’s way past time that folks started speculating on his departure from the role, right? Instant gratification is never soon enough. I mean, what fandom really wants to know is, “Who’s going to be the next next Doctor?” Amiright?

Website Bleeding Cool claims that Capaldi is only committed to one 14-episode season of DW, which includes a 2014 Christmas Special. Of course Capaldi is free to extend his contract, but… will he?

Now, before you panic, know that this same website also suggested Capaldi’s 14 stories would be spread over 2014 and 2015, seven stories each, and include a 2015 Xmas special — but show-runner Steven Moffat has been insisting lately that series eight will not be broken up.

Do we know how long Capaldi’s contract is? No, we do not, so it certainly could be for just a single series — however, I doubt Moffat would bring in such a high-profile actor for such a short stint.

But, then again, who knows?

What do you think? Is Capaldi just stopping by for tea and then moving on?


3 thoughts on “Only 14 Episodes for Peter Capaldi on DOCTOR WHO?

    • Moffat says it will run straight through.
      Having said that, however, we must admit that Moffat doesn’t program BBC America, so if the network thinks it’s a good idea to skip using a new episode on, say, Thanksgiving Saturday, we could get out of sync with the UK… which I believe has happened before. Was it series six when the USA fell one episode behind?


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