New From the Wachowski Siblings: Jupiter Ascending

You have to admit that the trailer for the Wachowski siblings’ latest, Jupiter Ascending, looks really terrific and amazing and epic and all that — but then again, Cloud Atlas looked like it was going to be great, and look how that hideous, incomprehensible mess turned out. Or, better yet, don’t.

While I do like that the gorgeous Mila Kunis is in this movie, I don’t like her playing two different roles, á la Cloud Atlas; but at least not everyone is pulling double duty. And while the overrated Halle Berry isn’t in this, the overestimated Channing Tatum is — but it looks like he can let those pointy ears do all the acting for him here.

And, finally, points to Andy and Lana Wachowski for calling it Jupiter Ascending rather than Jupiter Rises or The Rise of Jupiter or Rising Jupiter

3 thoughts on “New From the Wachowski Siblings: Jupiter Ascending

    • A new version of Dune is one of those projects that has been kicking around Hollywood for years. As far back as 2008 Peter Berg was totally committed to making a film that’s closer to the book, but the project went nowhere. The studio that owned the rights, Paramount, either lost them or gave up the rights, and I don’t who (if anyone) has them now. The last I heard there was a film intended for 2014 release, but obviously that isn’t happening. As of right now, it appears there are people who may want to make a new Dune movie, but there’s nothing actively going on.


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