Male Companion Rumored for Capaldi’s Doctor

TristanBeintI’m not sure where this rumor originated, but there has been low-level buzz that DOCTOR WHO will add a male companion to the TARDIS in series eight, when Peter Capaldi takes over as the Doctor. The newcomer is further tipped to be a potential love interest for Clara (Jenna Coleman).

And we’ve already seen the rumored new guy: Tom (Tristan Beint), the Coal Hill School teacher who informed Clara that she had a message from her doctor. Well, Tom did seem quite concerned about Clara’s health…

According to DrWhoTV, Beint is playfully feeding the rumor. When asked about it by a follower, he Tweeted:

“Are you sure Tom could ever compete with a Time Lord though..? Oho… Keep watching.”

He further added: “Pass that on to Mr Moffat…”

Sounds mostly like wishful thinking on the part of fans and the actor — especially the request to pass the idea to executive producer Steven Moffat. But who could blame Beint? After all, what jobbing actor wouldn’t want a steady paycheck on a megasuccessful show — and get to romance Coleman?

I am not at all a fan of the so-called “crowded TARDIS.” While I absolutely adored the Ponds, I firmly believe that the Doctor works best with one (female) companion.

However, if series eight HAD to add a male companion, there is one character I would enthusiastically welcome back with open arms: Wilfred Mott (Bernard Cribbins). Wilf’s paternal relationship with the Doctor was totally unique among companions, and I’d enjoy seeing how it would change with an older-looking Doctor.

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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