Trailer Teases DOCTOR WHO’s 50th Without Showing Anything

The BBC has finally released a trailer that (barely) hints at the 50th anniversary story of DOCTOR WHO, “The Day of the Doctor.”

Clocking in at just over 1 minute in length, the clip contains no footage from the special episode, but rather is a retrospective on the 50-year history of the show, using CGI to depict key characters, scenes and objects from throughout the mythos, ranging from the First Doctor to various sonic screwdrivers and monster and friends and allies – all while reigning 11th Doctor Matt Smith recites a cryptic soliloquy.

Two things I found particularly interesting about this clip: The Doctor mentioning “an impossible day” (Steven Moffat loves his “impossible” theme), and at the end, when the camera zooms away from him, the Time Lord appears to be in the American West again. Does that hint at another visit to Lake Silencio?

SLEEPY HOLLOW 1.5: “John Doe”

SHdoe02I normally do not like “infection” stories because they’re always so predictable: Our heroes encounter a strange disease, one of them gets infected and lies on the verge of death until a miracle antidote cures everyone at the last second. Can you think of an example where that doesn’t happen?

Well, that’s pretty much what we got from SLEEPY HOLLOW this week — a paint-by-numbers contagion story. But it was filtered through the show’s own particularly madcap mythos, so I didn’t really mind it all that much.
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