Moffat Hints at Smith/Capaldi Regeneration

mattxmasThe DOCTOR WHO moment we are all waiting for — or, in my case, dreading just a little because I love the 11th Doctor — the Time Lord’s regeneration, will take place in the 2013 Christmas Special, and executive producer/writer Steven Moffat dropped a few hints about how it will go to Doctor Who Magazine.

“Pretty soon [Peter Capaldi] will arrive and he’ll be whisked off to begin the trip of a lifetime, probably wondering what it will be like, where it will take him, and how long it will last. And about then, Matt Smith will be standing in his TARDIS for the very last time, with his eyes on the studio door – because about to step through is a Scottish actor, dressed as him.”

So, the Doctor will regenerate in the TARDIS once again. And what happens in Capaldi’s first scene as the Doctor?

“It’s utterly bonkers! He still thinks he’s Matt Smith, but he looks like he’s Peter Capaldi. He’s adjusting to who he is. It’s a transitional phase.”

Sounds like fun. I just wonder if that “bonkers” scene appears in the Christmas show or if we have to wait until the fall of 2014 to see it!

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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