SLEEPY HOLLOW 1.2: “Blood Moon”

SH202After last week’s pilot did the heavy lifting of establishing the show’s premise and setting up the loopy (and complicated) mythology, the second episode of SLEEPY HOLLOW had the equally tough job of setting up and status quo of the ongoing series and, luckily, it did an excellent job.

It does look like SH will follow a “monster of the week” formula, with each creature filling in some of the mythology and giving us an excuse to learn Ichabod’s and Abbie’s  backstory. I do like the winking hubris of the script, suggesting that our two leads are fated to endure seven years of biblical tribulations — that stretch would get them well into syndication territory.
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The Greatest PEZ Dispenser Ever Made. Ever. Seriously, Ever.

The good folks over at have spotted the greatest PEZ dispenser ever made, hands-down. It was created by artist Peter “Rat” Davidson, who, as far as I can tell, does not actually work for PEZ.

Too bad we cannot actually buy this.