A Burlesque Tribute to DOCTOR WHO in NYC

HTBDW1“And now for something completely different.” Those words, from MONTY PYTHON’S FLYING CIRCUS, were certainly appropriate last night in New York City, when I attended a rather unusual homage to DOCTOR WHO: a burlesque show with acts based on the Doctor and his friends and enemies.

Performed by the Hotsy Totsy Burlesque troupe and staged at Rbar NYC on Bowery Street in Lower Manhattan, this was a fine example of modern burlesque — which is never to be confused with mere stripping. Burlesque is the art of the tease and celebrates dancing, athleticism, costuming… and suggestion. Nobody got naked; everyone wore pasties (including the guys). This show was about titillation — and everyone’s favorite Time Lord.
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Are Leaked DOCTOR WHO 50th Posters Real?

twodocsSuddenly appearing on Twitter this morning, provenance unknown, were two tiny images of posters purported to be for “The Day of the Doctor,” the 50th anniversary episode of DOCTOR WHO, airing Nov. 23. There’s no way to tell if they are authentic at this point, but they are nonetheless pretty cool.

One image depicts Matt Smith‘s 11th Doctor against a London background, while the other feature the John Hurt Doctor striding from a fiery, ruined backdrop. It has been suggested the images are posters for the theatrical release of the story, and they just might be. Or maybe they are merely the handiwork of a dedicated fan.

Of course the question many people are asking is, “Where’s David Tennant‘s 10th Doctor?”