BC01Time has passed in this episode of BROADCHURCH and, ironically just as some are questioning the investigation dragging on, a sense of momentum suddenly began to build in the story’s second half. Clues have finally started to pay off, forensics results are coming in, and the killer may have been prompted to make a hasty, ill-advised move.

The spotlight of suspicion has shifted firmly toward Susan and Paul, but why is Tom acting so strangely — and is Ellie being paranoid, or is Joe acting more and more suspiciously? This week she uncovered a possibly significant lie about her husband’s relationship with Tom, Mark and Danny.
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Why BBC’s DOCTOR WHO’s 50th Anniversary Plans Disappoint

quadposterNow that the BBC has announced its (presumably) full slate of programing designed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of DOCTOR WHO, I can officially say that I am quite disappointed.

I want more episodes of DOCTOR WHO, not more shows about DOCTOR WHO. Don’t get me wrong — the lineup of original commissions sounds wonderful, and I will eagerly watch everything that BBC America makes available. Every minute of it. But — and I acknowledge that this sounds a bit ungrateful and probably more than a little daft — the celebration plans seem to include everything but the show itself! Not enough classic Doctors. Not enough WHO.
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