BBC Unveils Full Slate of DOCTOR WHO Tributes

DayDoctor1One thing the BBC cannot be accused of is skimping on programming paying tribute to its most successful series, the 50th anniversary of DOCTOR WHO.

Auntie Beeb is planning tribute shows across all its channels, on TV and radio. It really is pulling out all the stops to celebrate the series, doing everything it can — short of producing lots of new episodes of the program itself — to make Nov. 13, 2013, a day to remember. To make it The Day of the Doctor!
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Broad501I hate to say that I saw Jack’s death coming, but it really seemed to be sadly unavoidable — and it was a credit to BROADCHURCH that it was still so affecting. The character was tragically hounded to death after being painted as a pervert, and I really felt bad for him as he had to see the signal tragedies of his life splashed across newspaper headlines by an uncaring press in quest of sales.

The lurid headlines and the mob mentality that swept the community fed off each other and were two sides of the same coin: the mindless rush to an easy conclusion. The producers of BROADCHURCH slyly played on the audience’s smug propensity to try to guess the outcome of murder-mysteries, and Jack’s obvious suspicious behavior might have been a fake-out or a double-blind. And, at this point, although it looks like Jack drowned himself, who says it wasn’t… murder?
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