DOCTOR WHO 50th Anniversary Special Has a Name!

DayDoctor1At long last, the BBC have confirmed the official title of the DOCTOR WHO 50th Anniversary special — and about time, too, since it’s slated to air around the globe on Nov. 23 — and it is: “The Day of the Doctor.”

I think it’s a terrific name (and I’ll bet show-runner Steven Moffat came up with it). Interestingly, a DVD of the special will be released on Dec. 2 — at least through the BBC. I just checked and, as of right now, has no listing for it.

No word on any storyline, of course, but we do already know that it will pit the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith), the 10th Doctor (David Tennant) and the Hurt Doctor (John Hurt) against the Daleks and the Zygons in London.

If nothing else, it will be easier to type “The Day of the Doctor” than “the DOCTOR WHO 50th Anniversary Special.”

ETA: An amazing poster has been released to illustrate the episode!!

One thought on “DOCTOR WHO 50th Anniversary Special Has a Name!

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