Is it Time to Dial the Stargate Once Again?

stargate941This is a classic “Good News, Bad News” scenario. The Good: Stargate is coming back. The Bad: It’s coming back as a rebooted movie trilogy from original director Roland Emmerich. Oh, and additional Bad News: Emmerich has been talking about a follow-up for years.

Emmerich told Digital Spy:

“We went to MGM, who has the rights, and proposed to them to do a sequel, but as a reboot… and reboot it as a movie and then do three parts. Pretty soon we’ll have to look for a writer and start.”

Now, I give Emmerich props for getting the whole Stargate thing off the ground with the original 1994 movie. Kurt Russell and James Spader were great in their roles and the flick was enjoyable enough, but ultimately did not come close to living up to the potential of the premise. (This will be a completely new version without Russell or Spader — Emmerich said, “The actors look completely totally different… it would not work.”)
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