Dead or Alive, You’re Watching This RoboCop Clip!

I have to admit that this trailer took my by surprise — I actually like it. The 1987 RoboCop is a movie that absolutely, positively did not need to be remade; it was perfect the way it was, so any reimagining had better bring something new to the table, otherwise, what’s the point?

Well, I’m still not convince that this reboot — due in February — has anything new to say, but I will concede that this trailer has turned me from aggressively disinterested to… I’ll call it interested to see more.

So, a suit of black armor, Sam Jackson, Gary Oldman, ED-209 and Michael Keaton? Plus Abbie Cornish? This might have a chance. Might.

What Was Wrong With Pitch Black?

Vin Diesel‘s latest action epic, Riddick, opens today, but before you catch up with the latest adventures of Dick Riddick — you do remember that his name is Richard J. Riddick, right? — check out this very funny list of flubs from the first flick in the series, the trailblazing Pitch Black. The new movie looks like a real callback to the original, but let’s hope the script is a little tighter this time.

I’m sure a similar video for Riddick will be out in a month or two…