Matt Smith at Xmas Read-Through!

xmasMattI cannot express how excited I am to see this photo: Matt Smith at the BBC, script in hand, for today’s initial read-through of this year’s DOCTOR WHO Christmas Special!!!! It’s photographic proof positive that the 11th Doctor is not only in the special, he has lines! (Well, at least one line, right?)

This comes at a time when pessimists were insisting that Matt had already filmed his regeneration sequence and was, in fact, completely done with the show. I am ecstatic that nothing could be further from the truth. (And I am sure those other folks are secretly happy, as well.)

Just look at this picture: Matt (shaven pate and all)  is clearly psyched to be there, and brimming with his usual energy. No doubt he is just as excited to see what happens in his final episode as we are.

Now we need to be on the lookout for Peter Capaldi

ETA: Matt now confirms he will wear a wig, and filming starts this Sunday:

“I have to wear a wig in DOCTOR WHO, which is a nightmare. I’m excited, I start shooting the Christmas Special Sunday [Sept. 8]. It’ll be sad – the end of a wonderful era!”


Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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